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May 17, 2016
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Top 5 Layout Changes to Facebook Pages

Changes to Facebook Pages

If you have a Business Page on Facebook, you will have noticed a number of changes to the page layout over the past couple of months. So we thought we would update you on some of the changes to Facebook pages.

While most of these updates affect the look of your page rather than its function, it is keep to be aware of the changes and make sure your page is up to date.


1) Cover Photo and Profile Picture

The first update you probably noticed is that your profile picture no longer sits in the corner of your cover photo.

On your desktop, it is now to the left, and on a smartphone, it is below – take note that it is now also slightly bigger (at 160 x 160 pixels) so you may like to resize or reshape your image.

The change also gives you more space to play with on your cover photo (which is now 828 x 315 pixels on your desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on a smartphone). Consider updating your cover photo regularly to reflect a specific promotion or activity that you’d like to highlight.

You will also notice that Likes/Messages/More has been moved underneath the cover photo.

When you click on More, you are able to view your page as a customer. After making changes to your page, it is worth doing this to make sure everything looks how you expect.

2) Tabs

On your desktop, your list of Tabs now appears under your profile picture. It can be customised using the Manage Tabs option.

3) Call to Action

The Call to Action button is now more obvious in a blue box in the bottom corner of your cover photo. There are 11 options to choose from such as Call Now, Shop Now, Watch Video, or Learn More. To change your Call to Action, hover over the blue box and click Edit Button.

4) Business Category

Again, this has been made prominent in a column on the right side of your desktop (you can choose from one of 27 business categories).

Also in this right hand column is About Us, Apps, Photos, Videos and Events. You may like to add a video to About Us or link to your Instagram Feed to your Facebook Page in the Apps section.

5) User Name

Underneath your profile picture, your Business @UserName is listed. This username helps potential customers search for your business via a search engine and the search option within Facebook.

It can be changed by clicking on About (in the left column on your desktop) and Page Info.


* Remember, there are differences to the layout appearance depending on whether you are viewing Facebook on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

While it is easier to make major changes via your desktop (some actions are not even permitted via smartphone), so always make sure you view the changes on a phone and/or tablet to make sure it looks ok in these different formats.