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May 2, 2016
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Mobile Marketing in Travel and Tourism

The way that travellers are using mobile technology is changing. With such a constantly changing market, where innovations are occurring every day, brands need to develop a flexible but consistent mobile strategy that works in concert with the rest of its marketing efforts, and takes advantage of the technological breakthroughs that developers, technology providers and advertising platforms are making. If you are involved in the travel and tourism industry, then you need to be on the cutting edge of what is working.

A couple of quotes from the summit that really stood out were:

“Know your customers individually, and interact with them personally” – Barry Nolan, vice president of strategy, Swrve

“Everyone in the business has a role to play in building that relationship with customers” – Sarah Barrett, marketing director, Liverpool John Lennon Airport

“Being able to react quickly to news across multiple channels is key in the tourism trade” – Dawn Williams, account director, Code Computer Love

“Travel is all about aspirations, and those aspirations can be tracked by behavioural data” – Fatema Handani, vice president of global mobile engagement strategy, Syniverse

“Guests don’t want to sit in their room browsing a three-ring binder anymore, they want that same content but on their smartphone, accessible wherever they go” – Carin van Vuuren, chief marketing officer, Usablenet

I think the things that really feature are information needs to be accessible on smartphones; relationships are key – customer experience starts before the customer arrives and continues after they depart, personal service is fundamental, and that you need to be visible on multiple platforms.  Travel and tourism is such a large part of the Mornington Peninsula.  Are you using best practices for your business?  Or do you need some advice about how you are performing? Call 1300 821 739 to get some more information.