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May 26, 2015
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July 6, 2015

Anatomy of a good e-commerce website

So you are online.  And you have a good e-commerce website?  Or at least you think so.  It has been set up by yourself or by a web designer.  An expert in their field.  Or at least you think so..  There is a difference between having a high performing website, and having an e-commerce site that doesn’t sell anything.  And there are plenty of sites out there that are either not set up correctly, or are not easy to use.

Are you making daily sales?  Is it a seamless process? Is it mobile friendly/optimised?

The Iconic is a website you should follow.  Or at a bare minimum, look at and see what they are doing.  What are the keys?

1. Keep it Simple


3. Make your Buy Now button a colour that stands out

4. You can checkout as a guest (you don’t need to sign up)

5. Its easy to use

There is a whole lot more, but I suggest clicking on the link below to read the review done by Webprofits. The Iconic is nailing Online Marketing.  And you might get some ideas about how you can improve what you are doing to run a good e-commerce website.